About Us

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We are specialized in personally tailored, client-specific interiors that use bursts of Colours, Textures and other unique elements within a contemporary design palette.

Spaze Studio

At Spaze Studio we have been creating distinctive interiors for both residential and commercial clients.

Inspired by the surrounding landscape we collaborate with the design team to create spaces that are a direct reflection of our customers’ lifestyle. We aim to create interiors that are timeless, rich in style and inspire conversation.



Specializing in residential interior design, the Studio is expert at crafting inspired homes. The Studio’s vision, planning, and creativity from the conceptual phase, working with both architects and builders, to implementing luxe finishing touches is the best in the industry. Known not only for complete home renovations, the Studio is also skilled at kitchen and bathroom remodels, home décor selection and kids rooms. Our installations are one of a kind with special attention paid to every detail, big or small, leaving our clients in awe and in love with their home.


A passion for functionality sets Spaze Studio apart in commercial interior design. Developing the best environment for a business to be successful is the center point for the Studio. Smart space planning, consideration of operational requirements and an inventive vision come together to shape efficient, appealing commercial spaces.