How to use space under the staircase innovatively!

Stylish desking ideas while you work from home.
August 31, 2017
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Mostly in Indian homes, the space under a staircase often ends up being wasted space simply because the homeowner doesn’t know what to do with it other than shove boxes in there for storage. But trust us, there are so many very creative and useful ways to utilize that space.

We offer you ideas from step drawers to lounge areas to offices, full bars, sitting areas, storage, bookshelves, and more. Take a look. These ideas are sure to drive your creative juices for your new plan to utilize the space under your own staircase. Every space in the house must be creatively used to the fullest, all it takes is better planning and we are pretty good at it.

Have a look!

Convert Under Staircase into a Small office


 What if Under Staircase space becomes your personal Bar or Wine Store?


Storage Drawers is the most useful way to use Under Staircase area


Safeguard your privacy by using Under staircase space as a guest Washroom

A TV Cabinet Area in Under Staircase area gives a big feel to living room

Enjoy the outer beauty or reading a book by using staircase area as Sitting/Lounge Area

How about a Book Rack or Showcase under the staircase

As it is said that a design is thinking made visual, we at Spazestudio are pretty good at it. Hire us to make your dream design a reality.

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