Stylish desking ideas while you work from home.

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August 21, 2017
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September 12, 2017
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It is always a rigorous exercise to our minds when we have to work creatively for creative people..Got confused?? I am talking about the geniuses who love art, fashion and decoration.

Now we always think about how to decorate their spaces, especially the spaces where they spend more time. One of these is their desk. Place where they work on the computer, they design, they draw, they read, they write, or they are simply stuck watching social networks is your desking area.

So here’s how we do it… we design by making a link to their own personal likes in life in general. Is it Industrial, traditional, ethnic, retro, rustic or vintage? We use the elements accordingly to create a modern and different space. The combination of colors, metals, wood, glass etc is used to add freshness to the environment. These types of environments are able to transmit joy and very good vibes, something ideal to disconnect after a hard day of work.

Not to forget that fresh flowers and indoor plants are also more than welcome elements. And we must maximize the entrance of natural light in our spaces.

Here are few of Desking ideas for you-


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